Single Implant

A single dental implant made of titanium is the most natural way to replace a tooth. A dental implant acts as the root of a tooth and a ceramic crown is then placed over the top. The dental implant will look just like your natural looking teeth. As this is a relatively simple procedure, it won’t affect any surrounding teeth and is all done under a local anaesthetic.

, Single Implant

How is it fitted?

We will assess your teeth, gums and the condition of your jaw bone during an initial consultation and devise a tailor-made treatment plan. We use our in house CT scanner to digitally plan your case and to analyse bone to a high degree of accuracy. We then simulate the precise placement of your implant digitally before treatment.

The implant is then carefully inserted on the day of treatment, you will then have to wait for healing a process known as ‘osseointegration’. You will be left with a prototype or temporary teeth in the meantime at no extra cost. This will normally take 3-9 months after which time the crown can be permanently attached.

If you pay good attention to your oral health, there really is no reason why your implants should not last for years. Dental implants need to be treated just like your natural teeth – that means lots of brushing and flossing and keeping up to date with your dental check-ups.

All after care is provided in house with our implant hygienist.

We offer immediately loaded implants, this means getting a new tooth in a single visit

In some cases – if you have good bone quantity/quality – it is possible to extract a tooth and place an implant in the same appointment. This is called same day or immediately loaded dental implant.

Please note, every patient is different, but we will work together to determine which treatment plan is right for you.