Replacing Dentures

Replace Loose and Uncomfortable Dentures

What are the benefits of getting rid of your dentures?

  • No more rocking of teeth or movement
  • You are able to eat hard chewy food such as steak and apples
  • Gain more confidence
  • No more embarrassing situations of teeth dropping out at a restaurant

What other options do you have?

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, Replacing Dentures

Often known as fixed dentures that you can not take out, at Hallcross we have hundreds of patients that no longer have loose dentures. They enjoy a lifestyle of fixed teeth and can enjoy food with confidence.


, Replacing Dentures

Depending on how long you have been without teeth there may be different levels of bone in your jaw. It may provide a better aesthetic result to have fixed teeth that can be removed. These type of prosthesis are often referred to as partially removable. They allow all the functional benefits of dental implants, such as eating what you please without worrying about loose dentures falling out, amazing natural appearance but still the option to remove to keep the implants clean.