Bone Grafts and Sinus Lift

, Bone Grafts and Sinus LiftOur CT scanner will be able to identify how much bone volume you may have and determine if bone grafting will be necessary.

At Hallcross Dental, we have successfully placed a number of implants in sites many patients may have thought were not possible due to our highly experienced team and state of the art technology.

What materials do we use?

Bio-Oss is a safe, effective bone graft material which looks very similar to human bone. It is highly successful in helping new bone to form and can eliminate the need for additional surgery to obtain your own bone to use as grafting material.

Bio-Gide is a thin resorbable membrane made from the natural fibre material, collagen. Often when a bone graft is needed, Bio-Gide is placed directly over the grafted material. Bio-Gide encourages new bone to form and also prevents the growth of scar tissue into the grafted site.