Treatment Procedure

Step 1: Free Consult

As your first step on the journey to implant treatment at Hallcross, we invite you to attend a Free Consultation with one of our Implant Treatment Co-ordinators. This is your opportunity to find out more about us and our unique approach to dental care, to find out more about implants, and to ask us any questions or queries you may have.

This is not a clinical appointment, although you will meet Dr Jay Patel who will assess if you are suitable for implants and give you a general idea of the cost for treatment. It follows the format of an informal, no obligation chat and is aimed at helping you to decide if you would like to start your journey to a new smile at Hallcross. Our treatment co-ordinator can discuss the range of finance and payment options we provide at Hallcross so that should you be interested, you can make payments in affordable monthly amounts.

Please note that finance is subject to status and terms and conditions apply – for more information about our finance options please click here.

Step 2: CT scan

A CT scan will be taken to assess the bone levels and position of the implant. This will show where all the structures of the mouth are and give the clinician an accurate picture of where best to place the implant.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

The treatment plan appointment is sometimes done at the same time as the CT scan. At this appointment careful planning is carried out for the position of the implant and also discussions take place about the procedure and what the patient would like from the end result. Different options can be discussed for how the patient would like to look at the end of treatment.

Step 4: Placement

On the day of implant surgery, our caring implant team always puts you at the centre of everything they do. Whilst placing an implant is a surgical procedure, we ensure that we keep any discomfort to a minimum using local anaesthetic to ensure that the area is completely numb. The procedure itself is carried out under sterile conditions and we offer support all the way through the appointment. We make sure that you have pain relief before you go home and send you away with full instructions of what to expect over the next few days along with a dedicated telephone number should you need any further advice.

Step 5: Impression

After the healing period has taken place we uncover the implant and fit the precision abutment which allows the lab to make the crown, bridge or denture. We take a precise impression and other records of your bite and send all this information off to the lab. Sometimes at this appointment we may have the technician at the practice to ensure that we get the correct colour and shape match for you.

Step 6: Fit

A few weeks after the impressions have been taken the laboratory will have made the precision fit tooth or teeth for you. These will be tried in and checked to make sure that they fit and the bite is correct. You will be shown the teeth before they are permanently cemented or fitted for you. We will then discuss care and cleaning and give you detailed instructions of what to do over the next few days and weeks.

Step 7: Maintenance

As implants become a part of you just like your natural tooth it is important to makes sure that you know how to clean and take care of the implant and the surrounding gum and bone.
We will give you full instructions on how to clean the implants and ensure that you know what you need to do to take care of them. We will recommend that you see our hygienist regularly and keep up with annual maintenance checks on the implants to ensure that everything stays healthy for many years.